I ruined my skin : ( The other year my …

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I ruined my skin : ( The other year my friends and I went to the beach in Delaware and we all got really burnt when we forgot to reapply our sun cream. For them – being naturally more biscuit coloured than my blue/white self – this was not an issue and their skin tones returned to normal in a few weeks. Mine however, did not survive as well. I now have a mottled burn scar on my thigh and the rest of me paled back to a sort of yellow/white which I loathe. I have also had to move up a shade in foundation and still have yet to find one as perfect as the colour I used when I was blue/white.

It’s only now that I look back of pics of myself pre 2009 that I realise how much I liked my skin tone : (

[/sad tale]

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Glossary: UK and American English fashion terminology explained
I’m English but two of my best friends are American so being ‘clothing bilingual’ has become second nature to me. Here are some things I can think of that aren’t on the list:

UK: Fancy dress (a costume worn at Halloween for example)
US: Fancy dress (smart clothes e.g suit or a cocktail dress)

((I run a Harry Potter RPG and we were once writing a story about a ‘fancy dress’ party. The vast majority of our members are American so imagine how confused my Welsh friend and I were when they started turning up in ball gowns! Lol.))

UK: Swimming costume
US: Swimsuit/Bathing suit

UK: Hair bobble
US: Hair tie

UK: Hair band (alternatively ‘Alice band’ but usually that’s used for the thinner hair bands like Alice wear’s in Lewis Carroll’s book)
US: Head band

And that’s all I can think of for now. : )

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