I’m so pale albinos feel sorry for me so I’m …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by SB.

I’m so pale albinos feel sorry for me so I’m all for the untanned trend to return…white is alright! Having said that, I think women of ethnic origin & Aboriginal women are just beautiful with their exotic colouring & huge brown eyes, but fake tan is filthy! Carrots are supposed to be orange. Pumkin is supposed to be orange. People are not!

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Daylight Robbery? Bless ‘Yeti’ gloves
Funny you should say that because I have a pair of gloves that look like a mint green version of these bad boys & they are designed for picking up dust with…they are kind of static cling things that just pick the dust right up off your surfaces…

The Urinal Dress by the Rodnik Band
Oh. Dear. God. Please let this be some fashion student’s artistic expression piece & not actually something a designer expects poeple to wear!

Jeremy Scott’s ‘Underpants’ clutch bag: words fail us
Now there’s a better use for my hubby’s tighty whities…I’ve been using them to wax polish the car but now I think I’ll use them to make fashion accessories!

Style Trial: Serena Williams flashes her assets at the 2011 ESPY Awards in LA
If I had a ripped bod like that I’d be tempted to wear a bikini everywhere…OK, so maybe not but in spite of the colour, size, shape & style of this dress she still looks amazing!

Can you wear white to a wedding?
I’ve worn white to a wedding once but that was a BLACK & WHITE WEDDING where all the guests were asked to wear either BLACK, or WHITE, or BLACK & WHITE (the bride wore an amazing 50s inspired ruby red Modcloth dress).

Other than that kind of circumstance it’s probably not a good idea! Having said that, my Mum wore ivory to my wedding but it was covered in tiny maroon roses & she wore a maroon hat, stole & shoes so it didn’t look anything like my ivory wedding gown…plus she had me approve the fabric before she had it made.

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