I’m translucent blue-white. My hair used to be red but …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Used to be ginger.

I’m translucent blue-white. My hair used to be red but as I’ve aged it’s turned brown. I still have trouble wearing shorts/skirts as my legs are so pale in blueish veiny way. I know I should get over it – but 30 years of society conditioning me to feel nothing but shame about how pale my legs are is hard to undo. My arms see the sun more often, they burn easily but it’s manageable. My legs burn SO easily in the sun ( mid twenties on the celcius scale and over) II’m constantly reapplying for fear of appalling sunburn it looks so stupid. I tend to wear trousers to avoid the hassle and to be honest feeling self conscious/shameful. I’m going on holiday soon and I’m going to try and wear dresses – why should I be so damn hot while everyone else wears sundresses? The hassle of reapplying SPF50 all day puts me off, so my legs stay blue and it’s a vicous circle, but I’m going to try! Thanks to others on here for making realise it’s worthing at least giving it a go, and self tanner – well I have dry skin in patches on my legs so that’s not even worth considering! (even if there was a perfect non orange toned tanner!)

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