My skin is pale but during summer i love being …

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my skin is pale but during summer i love being tan. however, i don`t use tan beds, self bronzers, spray tan, etc during the winter because i think skin should take a break too.
healthy skin looks great in all colors, tan or pale and people should focus on hydrating it, using SPF lotion when out in the sun, exercise to minimize cellulite, etc. -that`s what matters.

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Adult Onesies: the horror continues
unless you have a fetish or you lost a bet or you go to a costume party, i can`t see why anyone would want these around.

Three Things: Printed trousers
i am attracted to this trend but it`s hard to find something that does not look like tapestry from an old couch, at least in the stores i`ve visited. until now i haven`t found a pair of printed pants that i like. i stopped looking because it`s summer and it`s too hot to wear pants anyway. skirts and dresses, here i come.

Closet Heroes: The Jersey Blazer
i am wearing such an informal blazer right now. i agree, it`s a good piece in anyone`s wardrobe, goes well with skinny jeans and high heels and also with a pair of sportier shoes. it`s versatile.
the hardest working clothes in my wardrobe are my jeans, in different colors (classic denim, light blue, zebra, red).

DYDDD: Do You Do Double Denim?
i saw many fashion bloggers on instagram wearing double denim and looking good but it`s not my style, i think i`ll look stupid dressed this way. once piece of denim (the pants) is enough for me.

Style Trial: Flower garlands
no, i would not wear one in public.
this is that type of thing that looks nice in staged photos, with models and all, but on a real person doing day to day activities it looks dumb. guess you will blend in with the scenery if you were on a tropical island or at some hippy festival.

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