My boss asked me if I wanted to have a …

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My boss asked me if I wanted to have a lie down the other day because I was looking so pale. I just hadn’t put on any make-up. On a recent night out I was the only person there without fake tan on, and every comment under the photos on Facebook was along the lines of ‘who’s the ghost in the flowery dress?’ which made me quite angry. You wouldn’t make rude comments if someone in the photo was darker than everyone else, so why slag me off if I happen to be very pale?
Another point is that a lot of people slag me off for slathering on the sun cream when I’m in the park in Glasgow on a sunny day. I want to protect myself even if it is ‘just Scotland’ and I don’t want a healthy tan-because there is no such thing!

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Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”)
Another thing I just remembered! When I was getting my make-up done the other week, the MUA started putting on me this foundation that was at least 4 shades too dark for me (no joke) and said ‘don’t worry, this will give you some colour and stop you looking so peely-wally’ and I had to tell her very firmly I didn’t want her to cover up my natural skintone because *she* thought it was too pale. She still kept trying to get me to choose darker shades though, and kept asking if I’d considered sunbeds to ‘make you look a bit healthier, not quite so pasty?’ Safe to say I left pretty sharpish and emailed her supervisor with a complaint when I got home!

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