This is a good post. i’m half italian and half …

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this is a good post. i’m half italian and half black, and have a dark tan complexion. to me it’s ironic because society (here in america at least) tells you to be tan but not TOO dark, so often i have been self conscious in my slightly darker skin. my skin color is very ambiguous to the point where random strangers try to guess my race (VERY rude!). i think we all should stop focusing on skin color – or rather, focus on the beauty of it. i love my pale friends, tan friends, dark friends, whatever color. let’s accept the natural and learn to be confident in our own beauty, in whatever we wear.

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I think I must be the only person who initially thought Fanning looked OLDER and not younger… but I find the photo tasteless. The placement of a blooming perfume bottle above the crouch is inappropriate… I think everything else (the styling) is fine, but the placement of that bottle just makes things creepy. Also, using Lolita the novel as inspiration is completely gross. The novel is a great piece of literature, but taking inspiration from it in THIS way is really inappropriate.

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wow absolutely gorgeous collection!

that dress is gorgeous. i like the purse a lot, too.

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i had forgotten about the butterfly hairpins, i had so many of those!

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