Yes! couldn’t agree with you more! i’m very pale with …

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yes! couldn’t agree with you more! i’m very pale with brown hair and hazel eyes, and i’ve never had a tan in my life. i start wearing sunscreen as soon as spring kicks in, my arms and shoulders have some color from being exposed more often and my face has a lot of small freckles. my legs are so white they can reflect the morning sunlight peeking through the curtains on my ceiling (i noticed that this morning) and guess what… i like it. i do have a bit of a pinkish undertone so i don’t look unhealthy or tired all the time, but i’ve started to like being able to ignore all the voices shouting ‘sun! self tanner!’ at me and getting out in my summer dresses.

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Crimes of Fashion | Faces in Places
I work in a haberdashery and loads of people come by to find little appliqués to iron over holes or stains on their clothing. A woman came in with a pair of beige shorts that had a small tear at the crotch, and it took me a LONG time to discourage her from ironing a cat onto her crotch without getting too crass.

Would you wear… Peacocks’ £1.99 lace dress?
There’s no way that dress is decent quality or ethically made, not even at the original price. Pass.

Fifty Fashion Fails (According to a new survey)
Indeed, I think that’s why they’re in there… These hats have become associated by what I like to call ‘douchebros’. They’re not even actual fedoras by the way, a fedora has a wide brim… The hat most people are talking about is actually a trilby.

The Emperor’s New Tops by Topshop Boutique
Dry cleaning tends to be just as rough as a washing machine, they just use chemicals instead of water. These scream hand-wash to me!

One easy way to clear your closet and switch up your style
Hanging everything is not the greatest idea though, especially for knit items… Things like sweaters or knit dresses might stretch due to the weight, or the shoulders might get warped because of the hanger. There’s a reason why knits are supposed to be dried flat!

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