Growing up in the southeastern US, getting a tan in …

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Growing up in the southeastern US, getting a tan in the summer was de rigueur. Many women even tanned year-round, either in tanning beds or out in the sun. Luckily, I stopped my obsession with tanning by the time I hit my early twenties. Now, I make sure to wear sunscreen daily. I don’t want to look like a baseball mitt, and I don’t want skin cancer. If someone doesn’t like my pale skin or my freckles, they can just look the other way. πŸ˜€

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Spring and summer. I hate, hate, hate cold weather!!

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I dunno. Maybe someone will go the full crazy and add legs with the creepy toe socks made of leather, and just for kicks add a leather hoodie with hair. That would be unspeakably horrible.

Wear or Die: Ugly Prom Dress Edition
I’d have to choose the orange one. The pink one is just begging for a wardrobe malfunction. People don’t need to see that much of me.

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I have a few…

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I only follow the fingertip rule at work. Many of my summer dresses are shorter than my fingertips, but I have freakishly long arms. πŸ™‚

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