Ugh, I don’t understand that mentality. Whether people choose to …

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Ugh, I don’t understand that mentality. Whether people choose to be pale/tan/dark or are that way naturally, I don’t understand criticism based on skin color.

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Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”)
I’m glad to see all the positivity in this post! I am quite pale but tan quite easily, and I hate the way I look tan, so I strive to stay on the paler side. My family hates it, and when I lived at home my mother would take my high-SPF sunblock so I was forced to either use her low-SPF or not use sunblock at all. Even though I don’t live there anymore, they still criticize me for my choice to be pale. I’m glad to see that other people feel that pale can be beautiful too!

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Do larger mannequins make you feel better about your figure?
I’d like to see a variety of mannequins. I don’t think they have as much effect on our perceptions of our bodies as do images of real people, but I’d like to see different shapes and sizes (and less pinning!!!!!!!!). I’m a short size zero with broad shoulders. Where’s my mannequin? I’d like to see boxy mannequins, curvy mannequins, pear-shaped mannequins, petite mannequins, etc. so people can get a better idea of how the clothes fit on a human frame. I don’t have a problem with the tall, slim, small-framed mannequin, but if we’re going to start using them as references rather than simple clothes hangers, as the demand for different mannequins suggests, then we need more.

Is it offensive? The Ardorous X American Apparel Period Power Washed Tee (Images NSFW)
Examining how we label and think about women’s bodies is an interesting and important topic of study. However, wearing a graphic depiction of genitalia, regardless of whether it’s male or female, just isn’t socially acceptable, and neither is a graphic depiction of elimination of waste. The fact that periods are gender-specific doesn’t counteract the fact that it is a function of waste elimination, like urination or bowel movements, but we wouldn’t wear those.

Crime of Fashion? Spiked cutout leggings from Forever 21
I think they’re sort of fun, but I don’t like the studs.

How to Survive a Shopping Ban
For me and probably many others, bans backfire and lead to binges. In order to survive periods where I’m low on funds, I have to do exactly the opposite of what is suggested here and window “shop” often, surround myself with catalogues, and browse the internet blogs and shops frequently. I do agree with the “small rewards” bit though!

Fashion words and phrases we love to hate
“Curvy” as a euphemism for “plus size.” “Curvy” is a body shape. There are thin women that are curvy, and as you mentioned, there are large women that are not. I wish we could find another positive word for “plus size” that doesn’t already have an entirely separate meaning.

Also I hear this more from beauty bloggers, but the new term “selfie” is the worst word to hit the internet since…well, maybe ever.

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