Oh my god, if my mom could understand english I …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Melisa P..

Oh my god, if my mom could understand english I would so totally send her this post. I’m ridiculously pale too, and I hate tanning. Also, when you’re so pale, people don’t understand that you don’t get tanned, you get burned!! It sucks, because I love to wear skirts and dresses on summer and everywhere people look at my legs and ask: You don’t go to the beach, do you? I’m so sick of it. And just like you, I love my pale skin, I love it to death, and I definitely would NEVER get a tan. No way in hell.

PS: Sorry, I got a bit too excited. This is such a familiar topic for me.

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Oh my god, I love you for this. This happens to me EVERYTIME I put on something pretty, or wear high heels. The worst was when about a month about, I went out with my 9 year-old brother to the Mall and everybody thought he was my son! I mean, seriously? What’s wrong with people? I put on red lipstick, high heels and I suddenly become a mom?? God!

I loved this post so much I’ve shared it on my Facebook wall and my blog Fanpage. =)

Jajajajajaja, such a funny comment Moni, but I beg to differ. I kind of love that hair, I think it’s sooo her.. =P

Rosanna Arquette
Oh dear lord..

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I love this dress so much..

Kate Winslet ina red dress at the 2011 Emmy Awards
She looks amazing. I want this dress for myself.. =P

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