I have darkish skin, I tan easily, but I always …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Nell.

I have darkish skin, I tan easily, but I always wear sunscreen.

However, even though I tan easily I would never criticize someone else for having paler skin – just as I would never criticize someone for having darker skin.

In my opinion the beauty of the human race is the variety of colours we all come in. I have dark(ish) skin and am happy with it, my partner meanwhile has white, white skin and his only option in the sun is wear a hat, wear sunblock and cover up – otherwise he goes a rather unhealthy lobster tone. This is fine – I think his colouring is beautiful (not when he gets burnt though, that just looks painful). Just as I think Rumer Willis’s skin is beautiful and indeed the three other ‘pale beauties’ you’ve pictured above – they are all classy, beautiful women who happen to be pale – big deal!

The only lady you have pictured here who I think looks ridiculous is Jordan/Katie (whatever she’s calling herself these days)- orange is not a natural human skintone and I think it looks cheap. But, having said that, her whole image is cheap…

Now, a classy lady will work with what nature gave her whether that’s white, brown, black – or all and everything in between.

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