I live in Queensland, Australia – the ‘skin cancer capital …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Rachel.

I live in Queensland, Australia – the ‘skin cancer capital of the world’. Despite this, it is almost painful to watch the people who still think it healthy to go out a sunbathe for a couple of hours under the Australian sun. Even more shocking is the fact that (as a pale skinned person) I cope criticism for liberally applying sunscreen almost constantly when I’m out in the sun.

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Style Trial: 60s-style platform shoes
If they weren’t quite as high in the platform then possibly. I don’t know though. I can’t wear pretty much any of the heels out there at the moment, but those I probably could balance in.

*Word of Advice: don’t break both you ankles. It makes it really hard to balance in heels.

Trends on Trial: Comic print clothes
I agree 100% about the wall hangings part. I would love a set of comic prints on my wall. As to the clothes…. well, I do actually kinda like the earrings. But not so much the other stuff. And I wouldn’t wear any of it other than the jewellery.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Women
Ah, this makes me love where I live. Down here is Brisbane, in the land of Australia winter woolies generally consists of stockings (not necessarily thick) and a dress (not necessarily with long sleeves) or jens and a t-shirt. If it’s really cold we’ll add a sweater or jumper. Gloves and hats are rarely necessary, and scarves are just a fashion accessory.

Sadly, the proliferation of Ugg’s is unbearable.

Emma Watson
I do quite like that dress, and I think if she was standing straight, or even in a different pose, that it would look really good.

I think Emma is just stunning though. And usually looks amazing on the carpet.

Fashion Criminals? Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron at the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman
Honestly, I don’t hate Charlize’s dress. At least she wore natural coloured under-things – versus K.Stew’s white diaper looking thing. I also love her hair and makeup, and those earrings.

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