I was vaguely irritated at work a few months back …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Steffi.

I was vaguely irritated at work a few months back when I was wearing a skirt with thick black tights, and my co-worker asked me how I would handle skirts in summer, if I used slightly tanned tights or tanning spray or what else, because clearly I was too pale to pull a skirt off otherwise. I just looked at her funny and told her that I didn’t tan and actually liked my rather pale skin. (It could be paler but my skin doesn’t tan. Ever. Three weeks in Southern Europe only give it a mild shade of bronze)

There was a time when pale skin was quite fashionable. Trends change, and I see no point in risking my health for it (or spending ages in a tanning device (whatever it’s called) while I might spend my time doing something more fun.

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