Can pale people wear shorts? Of course they can. It’s what …

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Can pale people wear shorts?

Of course they can. It’s what I do all the damn time! What else am I supposed to do anyway? Cover my legs until they are tanned? (If somebody could please explain to me how THAT is supposed to work…) Does that mean I’m doomed to sweat in long-legged and long-sleeved clothes while all the others proudly parade their sundresses? No way, people!!!
I’ve just been to an open-air festival again last week and I’ve actually managed to get slightly beige-toned skin (and freckles) on my forearms and cheeks. That’s about the most “tan” I’m ever going to get. And it made me cringe to see all the other people there displaying varying tones of “grilled-chicken-brown” and “cooked-lobster-red”. It’s not that hard to apply some sunscreen, is it?
The sad thing is that many people still consider tanned skin “healthy” and paleness means “sick” to them. And as long as advertisements still show us happy athletic tanned people on the beach, that attitude is not going to change… πŸ™

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I guess you can call me “Hipster” now as I own a pair just like these and already did so before it was cool… But mine weren’t ripped on purpose, the fabric just broke after years of use.
And I don’t wear these for anything else but casual occasions like rock concerts or motto parties.
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Actually I think this goes in the right direction.
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So if this was just a little bit longer in the front, making it less “dangerous” and the length difference less pronounced, I’d buy it immediately.

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