FINALLY! Somebody saying it! That it’s okay to be white. …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Heleen.

FINALLY! Somebody saying it! That it’s okay to be white.

At my previous job I had a lady (tanned lady) telling me I should go out in the sun more, her face all folded like I was the ugliest thing she had ever seen.
Then I tried telling her after all those years I tried getting a tan, I always ended up burned or with a major difference in color on my body.
She wasn’t satisfied with my explanation nor could she understand how I could just give up.

I am 21 now and I finally like my skin color. I don’t want to try those tan in a tube because I really don’t want to put the time in it.
I learned how to put complimentary make up to my face and blush is now my number one beauty secret!
I’m going to korea and it’s a form of beauty to be really pale in that country. So I salute you!

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Is this also about wearing the same thing (same top, same jeans) for two days in a row?

I often wonder about that.
When there’s a show on tv and a guy meets his friend and his friend says ‘hey weren’t you wearing that yesterday too?’ as if they say: did you sleep over at your date’s place?

I mean.. I do that often, wearing an outfit for two days. It doesn’t smell it’s still clean and it saves time thinking about an outfit every day. Plus it also saves on cleaning time.

But am I alone on this that you should never wear it for two days in a row?

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