I’m very white myself and burn really easily so I …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Alexandra.

I’m very white myself and burn really easily so I never leave the house in the summer without applying a SPF 30 body lotion and a SPF +50 cream on my face.
The truth is most people I know and most of my co-workers like to have a tan. It is commonly believed that people with a tan look more healthy, rather than the white skins that look rather anaemic.
But I believe that all the people out there who tan excessively are out of their mind. They will face skin problems later on like wrinkles, spots and even skin cancer. Better be white 🙂

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Style On Trial: ASOS Wool Dress with Assymetric Sleeve
I would take both the sleeves off, to make it look simetrical :))) Then wear it with a big belt and very long leather gloves!

Daylight Robbery? Anya Hindmarch headline printed canvas shoppers
Not in a million years. Or light-years. :)))

Winter Fashion Trends: Animal Print on everything
I do not own any leopard/ animal print item of clothing, but mum has a leopard print scarf which I like and I wore on serveral ocasions.
I suppose animal print is ok in moderation and combined with just one other colour. I once saw a picture of Victoria Beckham wearing a leopard print top with a white suit and the combination looked very good on her.
I would never wear more the one small item of animal print. I also think that if you wear more items, even accessories, it is risky as they might not match in colour or print size, so even two things might be to much.

Wear or Die: ASOS Edition
I’d choose B, and wear it with vintage shoes, a vintage bag and a 1920’s hat, plus wrist lace gloves, and I’d pretend I’ve had a film shooting a few hours earlier :))) Lol!

Outfit Repeating: Fashion Crime or Absolutely Fine?
Regarding what Helen just said, I used to wear the same outfit for 2 days in a row in highschool and I noticed that some of my co-workers also do it nowadays. I don’t do it any more because it gives me the feeling of being the same day again.
I do repet outfits once in a week or once in a fortnight. It’s a shame not wearing the same outfit again, especially if you feel really good in it, and for a new look you can always change the accessories (the necklace/ earrings) that you wore last time with that outfit, if you remember which ones you wore, of course :).

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