Agreed, I’m pale and Spanish which means that everyone around …

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Agreed, I’m pale and Spanish which means that everyone around me is not only tanned, they are almost the colour of chocolate and because of that I should not show off my legs… people here even wear tights to hide their pale pins just before the summer season when the temperature would make my legs feel like tightly packed warm sausages!
I have been bullied at school for it, I have been yelled at in the street by strangers telling me I look like milk…I don’t care, I hate sunbathing, I’m not going to turn orange Γ  la Katie Price, and I certainly not going to risk skin cancer to please the crowds. I love my pale skin, my boyfriend loves it too, so it’s staying milky white. πŸ™‚

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This feels a bit “cake or death” by Eddie Izzard which makes me love this even more πŸ™‚
has to be option B, simply because some leggy “it girl” like Kate Moss or Leigh – not even attempting to spell her surname- will wear and look fab in it…also with some statement shoes, and a big ring in one hand, statement too, all about statements here…and a bored look in one’s eyes. That will do. xx

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Oh Daily Fail get a life! I hope whoever wrote that headline gets a bad skin reaction next time they reach for the tanning lotion πŸ˜‰

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reminds me of some tights Carrie Bradshaw wore on…the 6th season?

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oh no oh no oh no, so wrong!!!!

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