I totally agree with this post! I’m from the other …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Gillian.

I totally agree with this post!

I’m from the other side of the aisle; I’m fairly dark. While I do get a tan in the summer, I have never in my life tried. My skin just tans, and since I’m outside a lot, it just happens. *shrug* One thing that annoys me a lot, is every time I go up to someone, the first thing they say is ‘you’re so tan!’. Ummm, so? It’s never been ideal to me. I like how it looks, but since I don’t try, it doesn’t seem like something to be praised. Why can’t everyone just accept unchangeable things and put the focus on being fit and healthy?

~Gillian, Young Yankee Lady

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