Nobody needs to get a tan! If you like to …

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Nobody needs to get a tan!
If you like to get a tan (light or darker) then get a tan from the sun or the bottle.
Personally, I never tried the bottle.
If you don’t like to get a tan (anyhow) then just don’t.
That’s the spirit if you ask me.
I am Greek and pale and I like to get a little tan during the summer, still I haven’t sunbath for more than 15 years now since whenever I stay in the sun too long I get an allergy.
Well, that’s just me of course because my kids are always in-and-out of the sea for a month during the summer and they get a great natural tan and no allergies!
Never forget to protect yourself under the sun!
Were a hat, sun-block, sunglasses.
You don’t want your skin to “strain” for nothing.
OK, maybe a little tan could “cover” some of that cellulite on our white legs but do not overdo it!
And this comes from a person who lives in the sunniest country, where you need sunglasses during winter too, so you need to take my advice into some serious consideration.
Have a great summer!

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