My father was a very white no tan ventian diplomat …

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my father was a very white no tan ventian diplomat at large, my mother a darker shade of chinese viet woman, yes, it’s all a atter of culture, I love nude color, call them skin colors if you want
the trick is how to change your own color incarnation? Impossible without tricky pharm!
Fashion has at last one good goal, convince pele not to amplify flaws or nature, get on tracks, not too dar shades with pale color skin, not the pale hues if dark skin, or just…don’t bother focus on mental qualities. Post from Singapore where it’s deadly hot and where white skins are very appreciated by chinese women, and men!Roberto

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Paris Hilton at the American Red Cross Red Tie Affair
who said that Auntie Mame’s (one of my Alist film)curtain prints are not taking New York by storm here! The final touch : a little padded shoulder will help too, 40ies+80ies bonanzas…We love the not-so-demure look to go with the attire, From Paris (France) to Paris (Hilton)Roberto Fabris

Hayley Williams at Elle Magazine’s Women in Music Event
Great look! I noticed the panthera clutch to match the optical attire, very ” end of the year” fashion school pizzazz and the Mary-Jane cum heels stilettos : not to forget! Thanks for your footage, we’ll spend a good we with my friends on that.

Eva Longoria at the LA Plaza De Cultura y Artes Inaugural Gala
the reason for this “total bare” or ” in-da-buff” look of the xxtravaganza latino star is probably the divorce, her attorneyss told her to play it safe and low key!

Frankenshoes: Rick Owens organza trimmed wedges
hum?about Rick Owens, who for godsake ever think about his design as stylish? We may go through inflation of creation in design but not in “bad taste” albeit the word taste has probably be banned from fashion a long time ago! One among the little pleasure of this period, except ” lavish and luxury lifestyle” is definitely The Fashion Police and our Joan Rivers’s ” can we talk now!”Roberto from Singapore…

John Galliano arrested for assault, suspended by Dior
under his design tenure at major couture company, wasn’t it ADDICTED, the name of the first perfume creation? And isn’t it a word coming from the junky world? Now we may witness the cost of that delirious time when financial men try to convince the rest of us a junky can run the show.Basta? We say in italian.

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