I can completely relate to this. My own dad criticises …

Comment on Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement (And no, we won’t “get a tan…”) by Laura.

I can completely relate to this. My own dad criticises me for my paleness. I’ve had people try and pour brown sauce on me on holiday because they thought my fair skin was something to be ridiculed. I received abuse from strangers, had people at work tell me I look awful when I’ve not got much blusher on. I’ve even had an Indian friend say most people wouldn’t be seen dead in public so pale and I need fake tan. Can you imagine if I said she looked gross because she was Indian?! There would be uproar. When I was 14 I was so self conscious I fried my delicate Celtic skin on sunbeds and holidays abroad. Got some lovely sunstroke and sun damage to go with it though which taught me no matter how much abuse I received, it was not worth it. I also fake tanned a lot and still do now and then but the hassle makes it few and far between now. I only still do it sometimes because i dont have the self esteem to deal with all the nastiness. I’m getting better as I get older. Ive put my dad in his place a few times, didn’t go down well but I don’t care. What parent encourages their child who has a skin type that is high risk for cancer to try and tan?? I certainly won’t be doing that to my daughter, hopefully she will follow my lead of daily sunscreen. Yes daily and I live in the uk! I’d love to go to Asia and experience people liking my fair skin….

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