Skechers: now possibly even uglier than Crocs

Sketchers A little over an hour ago, I took a break from policing the world of fashion to eat lunch and, er, watch Neighbours. During the ad break, a Skechers commercial came on, featuring a bunch of women, all walking around in plastic shoes and cooing over how wonderful they were. I swear, I never saw anything more surreal in all my life.

"I must remember to hunt down these shoes and show them to The Fashion Police readers," I thought. So I did. But when I arrived at the Skechers website, I found something even more horrible than the shoes I’d gone there to look for. It was the Skechers Oswald-Candystripe clog, and if there was a Wear or Die featuring these and a pair of Crocs, well, I just don’t know which would win.

I’ll keep trying to hunt down the advert on You Tube for you, but in the meantime, we’d just like to say to Skechers that while it’s always nice to have aspirations, if you find yourself apsiring to make shoes that even Croc fans would hestitate to wear, maybe it’s time for a re-think…

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