I still like them, they can look good with the …

Comment on Siwy prove that jeans + tights = fashion crime by k.

I still like them, they can look good with the right outfit

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Dress of the Day: Kate Spade pleated ‘Melody’ dress
Oh that dress just looks so glamorous when paired with the necklace, stockings, and anorexia.

Five Fashion Myths Busted
I agree with the note about vertical stripes, especially when they run along the circumference of the sleeves (and it’s much worse when it’s fitted or tight).

Also, vests/blazers aren’t always flattering. They tend to emphasize the waist, even when they’re open…

In Praise of Jeggings. No, really.
They look like extra-tight skinny jeans. No, thanks.

Union Flag fashion: yay or nay?
Too political. But then again, the target audience wouldn’t know anything about that anyway. Some don’t even realize that it’s a flag…

Avril Lavigne at the 2011 BRIT Awards
That’s the whole point of the look…to sell to teenagers. Whether it’s an act or not doesn’t matter, because somebody earns a lot of cash at the end of the day thanks to those childish streaks 🙂

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