Silver Hammer pants from Mango. *Sigh*

Silver_hammer_pants We fear we’re fast approaching crisis point with the ‘Hammer pants’ situation. One or two pairs could’ve been explained away as an "accident", but seriously, we’ve started discovering these monstrosities in so many otherwise innocent stores that we’ve stopped even reporting them here, because the crimes are just too widespread to handle. (Yet still we’ve yet to see anyone actually wearing them. WHY?)

We had to make an exception for this pair from Mango, however, for the simple reason that they’re silver. We think Mango possibly envisaged them being the "dress Hammer Pant" option – you know, the Hammer pants you’d wear on an evening out, when you really wanted to impress someone.

Or maybe they’re just the pair you’d wear if you actually want to look like M C Hammer.

Either way, they’re $99, if you feel your life really won’t be complete without them.

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