Forget strappy sandals, now Sigerson Morrison are making strappy boots


“These sexy, strappy boots speak volumes about your adventurous sense of style,” says Zappos. Well, that’s certainly one point of view, isn’t it?

As for us, we just wish this current fixation on boots with open toes and lots and lots of straps would just DIE already. Knowing our luck, these would leave our pasty white legs covered in the impressions of all those straps, although, given that these are amongst the very last things we’d choose to spend $1694 on, that’s not a problem we’re likely to have to face anytime soon.

What about you, though? Are you starting to come round to the idea of boots that are of no use whatsoever when it comes to keeping your feet and legs warm and dry, but which will help with that “adventurous sense of style” Zappos mention? Do tell.

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