I’m not actually a big fan of the original – …

Comment on Fashion Fraud Squad: Alexandra Dillon V. Marchesa by Alessia.

I’m not actually a big fan of the original – but I LOVE the Victoria’s secret version. It’s SO beautiful 🙂 And looks more comfortable to wear.

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Wear or Die, celebrity edition: Keyshia Cole v. Piper Perabo
I wouldn’t mind the outfit on the right so much – wearing your bra on top of your t-shirt however seems just inacceptable.

Dress of the Day: Yellow chunky stitch dress by River Island
WHO can pull off yellow? Not me – especially bright yellow like that.

Fashion Police Declare Zero Tolerance on Novelty Socks
I disagree with you for once – you don’t actually wear them anywhere, and saying that these are a fashion crime is akin to saying it’s a crime to wear bunny slippers – because these socks are, essentially, more comfortable slippers, and they are cute, to boot.

Jeans Go Back to the 70s – Next’s new kickflares
I LOVE them – and I’m glad that these are back in fashion – skinny jeans make me look like I have monster hips!

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