They’re really cool on Kanye West – in white! And these …

Comment on Style on Trial: shutter shades, Kanye West style by Marie.

They’re really cool on Kanye West – in white!
And these look SO cheap?
.. they remind me of oldfashioned skiglasses..

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Handbag of the Week: Belted leather tote by Burberry
“OMG! This is made from a cow’s skin! Are you actually killing a creature that has the right to live, just for the sake of FASHION?”
It is weird how a shave can change the debate so much, nobody would ever put it that way about leather. That’s just good quality you know…
(actually a comment on the faux fur debate)

Style on Trial: Faux Fur
I totally agree with Kuri.
I live in Greenland, where people are as natural about death to wild animals as to animals living in a stall. If you eat meat, you kill animals. That’s pure fact, just because Brigitte Bardot was photographed with a baby seal doesn’t make fur more cruel to wild animals than a hamburger is.
I understand why people won’t wear their fur in public, nobody wants to be abused, but it is a sad fact. What if we were all abused for eating meat in public?

Wear or Die: Animal Instincts
Actually I have something nice to say about these leggings: the print would be a great camouflage for a cameltoe!
And actually they are pretty nice compared to the hooker dress on the right.

Identity Parade: Can you spot the designer tote bag?
I guess I’ve been living in a hole then…
They are really ugly both of them

Fashion Police Poll: Celine Dion has 3,000 pairs of shoes – how many pairs do you have?
I have around 15 pairs of shoes. But most of them are flats that I use for slippers and wornout sneakers (that I wear anyway?). I wish I could afford more shoes! Seriously this conting was a great eye-opener to me, why are they all so wornout?

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