Style on Trial: shutter shades, Kanye West style


They’re good enough for Kanye West, but are they good enough for you, oh Fashion Police readers? They’re called Shutter Shades, and they’re currently available at ASOS, where you can pick up a pair in pink, red, blue or black for just £12.

Personally, we think we’d end up with a migraine within a few minutes of squinting through these, but of course, we haven’t actually tried them, so we may be completely wrong about that. What we know for sure, though, is that you won’t be seeing the Force out and about in these anytime soon – we’re convinced they’d hinder us in the act of apprehending Fashion Criminals, and we also suspect that they might force us to arrest ourselves, too.

What do you think? Crime of Fashion or just a whole lotta fun?

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