Shress Spotting: Rick Owens ribbed tank dress

Shress_rick_owens Well, lookie here, folks: looks like the Emperor has been ordering some new clothes, again!

Actually, we could almost have let this Rick Owens dress off with a warning, were it not for the way Browns have styled it here. They really do seem to be suggesting that it be worn with nothing but a unitard, a pair of ankle boots and a handbag, you see, which is not only a great example of Fashion for the Very, Very Brave (well, would you go out in public in a unitard with nothing more than a see-through dress over the top?) it also makes it a good example of what £135 of useless looks like, as far as we’re concerned.

That sounded a little harsh, didn’t it? OK, let’s give Browns their say, too. They say: “This stylish Rick Owen’s dress works perfectly in the layering trend, wear with soft knits, tights and ankle boots.”

It’s totally up to you who you want to side with. If it’s Browns, though, you can buy the dress in question here for the aforementioned £135.

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