Now, you too can look as classy as Miley on …

Comment on Shorts Horror | Au Jour le Jour lip printed shorts by Yannick.

Now, you too can look as classy as Miley on stage…

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Fashion Crime Friday | The Worst Jeans in the World, and other crimes of fashion
Suspect 1: Looks like somebody tripped, stumbled and fell and destroyed the jeans in the process. Beware!

Suspect 2: This actually looks nice but can you use the sleeves when it gets colder in the evening or are they merely decoration?

Suspect 3: This is strictly for the fetish party only.

Suspect 4: Way too flashy.

Sizeable shows you what clothes look like on different shapes
That’s a cool idea.

Fashion Crime Friday | Terrible Tights, and other crimes of fashion
Suspect 1: To be used by dancers on stage only.
Suspect 4: It’s nice to see something of shape after Suspects 2 and 3.

Fashion Crime Friday | Shoulders and sleeves
They make the sleeves this long so somebody else will need to carry the bags 😉

Fashion Crime Friday | Hands on your head
Suspect 1: I can totally see this being worn by a lady to one of those famous horse racing events in the UK where they have a tradition of outrageous hats being worn by the ladies.

Suspect 2: It would be cheaper to cut it up by yourself.

Suspect 3: The manufacturer of this piece surely needed a loss leader product to help lower their taxes. What a waste of material.

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