The Black Friday sales start today!

Shopbop Black Friday week sale

With Black Friday almost upon us, we hope you’ve been saving our cash (and not, say, doing what WE did, which was to buy a bunch of stuff at full price last week, minutes before we remembered it would all probably be on sale just a few days later: d’oh!) and figuring out what to spend it on! Just to help you along, Shopbop’s big Black Friday week sale starts today, and will run until next Tuesday. This is a tiered discount sale, meaning that the more you spend, the more you save – so if you have friends or family who also have some serious Shopbop sale shopping to do, it could be worth joining forces, and taking advantage of the larger discounts. The most sensible thing to do would probably be to use it as excuse to get all of the Christmas shopping out of the way, and save some money on it: but then again, when have we ever been sensible? Exactly.

As for the rest of the sales, well, there are really too many of them to list right now, but luckily help is at hand, in the shape of Woznow – a fashion aggregator which basically lists almost every single item currently on sale in the UK. This is a site you can get lost on for hours, but you’ll hopefully end up with a few bargains to show for it: oh, and it’s not just for Black Friday, either, so make sure you bookmark sales at Woznow, and keep checking back to find out if that dress/coat/pair of shoes you’re after is finally on sale!

Now go forth and shop, fashion force!

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