Shopbop 65% off sale!

Shopbo 65% off sale

OK, OK, settle down: you’re not getting 65% off EVERYTHING, unfortunately, but for the next three days at least, you can get up to 65% off at Shopbop by using the code EXTRA30 to get an extra 3-& off the already-discounted sales items. Read to shop? Because we are…

Kendzo Cosy ScarfThe Cosy Scarf

Kenzo’s ‘Cosy’ scarf not only lives up to its name, it also comes in five different colours, and would make an excellent Christmas gift  – assuming you can resist buying one for yourself, that is.

Kate Spade glitter ankle bootsKate Spade glitter ankle boots

Don’t think you can pull off glitter ankle boots? Well, there’s really only one way to answer that question, and a 40% discount (not to mention that additional 30%) makes this a good time to get that answer. (Oh, and for the record? You can TOTALLY pull off glitter ankle ankle boots: trust us on this…)

Monrow robe and bkanket lounge set

Monrow robe and blanket lounge set

A robe AND a blanket, all in one cute, heart-shaped package? Why have we never heard of this before? And why isn’t everyone selling them? Again, if you don’t fancy this for yourself, it would make a great Christmas gift for the lady who loves to lounge. And seriously: who DOESN’T love to lounge?

See by Chloe Vicki bag

See by Chloe Vicki cross-body bag

Finally, we don’t know about you, but we can always find room inside the closet for one more handbag, and a tan leather number like this one will never go out of style. It may, however, go out of stock: this sale lasts for three days only, so if you’re the type who likes to sit around for weeks deliberating over your purchases then a) You have far stronger willpower than we do, so kudos to you for that, but b) don’t blame us if that item you’re after is sold out by the time you decide to hit the ‘buy now’ button!

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