Elephant Feet Shoes by Irregular Choice


You know how, back in the days before there were laws about that kind of thing, people used to buy umbrella stands made out of elephant feet? Looks like someone stole one and turned it into a shoe, with the "someone" in question being our old friends, Irregular Choice. Elephants, of course, have much more graceful feet that this. They don’t have the square toe, for one thing, and they can can away with the flat-footed, wrinkled skin bit a lot easier than we can. If you disagree, and want these for your own, they’ve been reduced in the sale (gosh, we wonder why?) and are now £39.75).

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  • May 16, 2012


    I think this website is the worst ever and you could make a better one and a lot of the photos dont show up so you need to sort them out because it will make people not come on here thank you very much BYE

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