Those are adorable. I think I could actually get away with …

Comment on Shoe of the Day: Gold leather ‘Cortney’ court shoes by Moda in Pelle by Erika.

Those are adorable.
I think I could actually get away with wearing some straight-legs with those babies.
They are adorable. Nice pick.
Now I am going to be spending the rest of my day on Ebay looking for some look-alikes because I am a cheap shopper. X_x

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On Trial: Christian Louboutin’s ‘Emily’ shoe boots
That is all I have to say..

Crime of Fashion: Ecco’s 2nd Nature open tie shoes
Why did they have to be baby-puke green?

Fashion Criminal: Liza Minelli in see-through pants
Is she even wearing shorts under that?!
Oh my god my eyes burn.

Dress of the Day: French Connection’s purple ‘Sinatra’ dress
No offense to you or your love of puffy-sleeved, royal-purple dresses, but just the picture of the dress throws me off.
It seems to me that if you are not a model with a stick figure, long legs, and expensive accessories, this dress could never be pulled off.
I wouldn’t even consider buying it for myself, considering it would just be too hard to manage.
It would take some fitting, a stylish belt and some expensive shoes to even make it look acceptable.

Fabulously Fashionable: Jesica Biel’s white dress
I was just browsing through this, as I tend to do often-times, and my eyes fell upon this dress and it lookes near to the same style as this very long shirt I have. I don’t see why the black “bust-bow” Would even be considered out of the question, because I find it to be extremely flattering, even when I am a curvy girl already, but it doesn’t overdo it.
So, Yes, I just thought I might check out how this commenting works and see what I can get away with blabbering about. ^_^

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