Shoe of the Day: Topshop’s super-high platform soles


Wow. If I hadn’t just spotted these on the Topshop website, I’d have sworn they were by some designer or other. Although the shape and size of that platform makes me think that even I, seasoned stiletto wearer that I am, might have difficulty balancing on them, there’s no denying that these are a work of art. I can even learn to live with the ankle strap (normally one of my pet hates) given that it looks like it’s going to be needed to hold these babies on. What does everyone else think of them?

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Shoe of the Day: Gold leather ‘Cortney’ court shoes by Moda in Pelle


I know I’ve talked about my love for gold shoes at least a hundred times before here, so I’m just going to skip the usual, "They go with everything! And they are pretty!" bit and proceed straight to talking about the shoes. Although these shoes are described as "gold" on the Moda in Pelle website, and so I have to assume that to be the case, they actually look more of a pearl/ivory colour – which is just fine by me, too, as it happens. These may be a little bit too much for some people, who will think that the heart cut-outs, bow detailing and studs spell "overkill", but I love them. I’d wear them with jeans and a cute, tailored jacket, but you, of course, can wear them with anything you like. Or you can not wear them at all, and leave them all to me…

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