Dress of the Day: Double Collar Structured Shirt Dress from ASOS


Yes, it’s another dress from the vintage-style vault for today’s Dress of the Day, but we’re not complaining. Actually, we think the puff sleeves and fitted bodice on this dress make it very Dita Von Teese – all you’d need to ‘Do a Dita’ is some bright red lipstick, and maybe some bleach for the ol’ skin, unless you happen to be a natural born vampire, like Ms Teese herself. Oh, and a pair of Louboutins, natch.

This dress was also available in beige (Which is certainly one way to make yourself look naked…) when it first appeared on the ASOS website this morning, but black seems to be the only option left at the moment, so if you like it, you better have your £30 ready…

(Edited to add: now available in beige once again…. Must’ve just been a website glitch!) 

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