Shell suits voted biggest fashion crime of all time

OK, children of the 80s, hands up who had a shellsuit, back in the day? No one? Oh come on: somebody must have had one – there was a time when you couldn’t move for the nasty, multicoloured monstrosities. Horrible, weren’t they? It comes as no surprise, then, to find that a survey by Miss Butterly has revealled that shell suits are the number one fashion crime in the world – ever. As for the rest, the list broke down as follows:

Top Fashion Crimes

1. Shell Suit
2. Poncho
3. Leg warmers
4. Clogs
5. Braces
6. Tank tops
7. Platform shoes
8. Ra-ra skirt
9. Culottes
10. Ugg boots

And the best fashion items of all time? Read about them after the jump:

The best fashion items in the world ever:

1. Jeans
2. Black dress
3. Mini skirt
4. Bikini
5. Knee High Boots
6. Flares
7. Stilettos
8. Trainers
9. Polo neck jumper
10. Trench coat

Personally, I find it pretty hard to argue with any of these. What about the rest of you?

[Source: Daily Mail]

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