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Spotted! Sheer Skirts at Yoox. Yes, they really do exist…


Remember a few months back, when sheer was being touted as the next big thing in fashion, and we were all apparently going to be walking around in sheer shirts, skirts and, most horrifyingly of all, shants? Yeah, didn’t quite happen, did it?

There are, however, corners of the fashion world in which totally sheer items are, indeed, being sold, and one of those corners is, where you’ll find this Missotten skirt selling for a bargain £67. No, it doesn’t look better with the leggings, does it? And no, those leggings don’t look better with the sheer skirt over them, either. Kind of a lose-lose situation all round, no?

Sadly, for those of you who like this look, the skirt is only available in a UK size 4. Shame.

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