Sheer Coat by Mariella Burani: pretty or pointless?


We've had sheer versions of just about everything else over the past couple of years, so we guess it was about time for the sheer coat (Shoat?) to make an appearance.

In fairness, this Mariella Burani coat isn't totally see-through, but it's close enough to see-through to make us wonder just what the point is? We guess there could be some merit in the fact that it's a coat that lets you show off whatever outfit you're wearing underneath, but given that it's not going to do much in the way of keeping you warm or protecting you from the elements, we still have to wonder whether that's a good enough reason to spend £395 / $579 on it?

Also: when we look at the pictures above, the words, "The doctor will see you now," come instantly to mind. Maybe that's just us, though.

What do you think, readers? Good idea? Pointless idea?Daylight Robbery idea? Tell us!

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