Style On Trial: Sheer boned skirt by Boutique


Not content with the sheer trousers they unleashed upon the world last week, Boutique are now also selling this sheer boned skirt on the Topshop website for the grand price of £50.

“That’s all very well, Fashion Police,” we hear you ask, “but why is it On Trial? The Fashion Police hate sheer garments with a fiery passion. Why not just throw it straight into the slammer, like you do with everything else that can have the word “sheer” attached to it”.

It’s a good question, young Jedis, and we’re glad you asked it. The thing is, we’re not completely convinced this skirt is a crime of fashion. We’ll just let you pick your jaw off the floor before we go any further, here…

Back with us? OK, so as we were saying, while our immediate instinct was to look at this skirt and think “Like hell we would,” it was clearly designed to be worn over the top of something (another skirt, maybe, or a pair of skinny jeans or… something), and actually, we think we can see the potential there. Don’t laugh. Sometimes it’s good to try something different, and while we’re not going to be trying this one ourselves, we’re wondering whether you would?

In other words: is this skirt guilty or innocent of Crimes Against Fashion?

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