Sharon Stone looks pregnant, wears clashing animal prints


My first thought upon seeing this photo was "Wow, I didn’t realise Sharon Stone was pregnant!" She’s not, though (or at least, I don’t think so): it’s just a dress with a stomach pouch. I’ll just say that again, in case it didn’t leave you feeling suitably horrified the first time: it’s a dress with a stomach pouch. Marsupial style: it’ll be everywhere this season! Or actually, maybe not…

Aside from the fact that there’s something very wrong about the idea of adding a stomach pouch to your dress, this photo raises a few questions, such as:

1. Is double animal print ever OK?

2. What about if the two prints don’t actually match?

3. Why is she wearing sunglasses indoors?

4. A stomach pouch. Seriously: who does that?

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