Shant Spotting: Sheer pants by Ann Demeulemeester

ShantsRemember last season, when every second designer seemed to be sending models in sheer pants down the runways, and all we ever heard from the fashion press was how sheer clothes were going to be, like, SO HOT this year? Remember how that didn’t actually happen, on account of the fact that most people were just too damn sensible to want to go out in public with their underwear on display? Yeah, us too.

We’d actually started to think shants were just a myth. No one was wearing them after all, and none of the stores seemed to be selling them (or none of the ones we frequent, anyway), and so it was that The Fashion Police started to breathe a little easier, secure in the knowledge that the world was safe from sheer, and we could go back to eating doughnuts and ogling the shoes on Net-a-Porter.

Well, it looks like we spoke too soon. Just as we had put the sheer pants out of our minds, we came across these ones by Ann Demeulemeester over at Yoox. Unlike most of the other pairs of shants our eyeballs have been assaulted with over the past year, these aren’t chiffon, but broderie anglaise. That doesn’t make it any better, just so you know. If you don’t believe us, look at the back view.

These have been reduced to £74, but the bad news is that they’re sold out in all but one size. (Size 10, if you’re interested). That means people must actually have been buying them. (And wearing them…. where?) The Fashion Police are on a heightened state of alert. And so should you be, Fashion Force: so should you be…

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