Shabby chic or just plain shabby? Camilla and Marc Watch and Wait boucle-wool cardigan

Hmmm… Is it just us, or does this cardigan look like the moths have had a field day feasting on it?

There’s nothing more annoying at this time of year than pulling your favourite winter-weight sweaters out of storage only to find them looking bobbly, crushed, moth-eaten, and generally a little limp. But hey, if Camilla and Marc can label up bobbly, crushed, moth-eaten and limp with a £400 price tag, perhaps we won’t be quite so hasty to bin last year’s favourite winter warmers! We’re actually grateful to Camilla and Marc for providing us with a valid excuse to hold on to old faithful!

Camilla and Marc Watch and Wait bouclé-wool cardigan, £400 from Net-a-Porter.

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