Sexy might be the wrong word… (Guest Post by Amy of Talk Fashion to Me)

Sexytop Amy writes…

The store’s description of this knit top includes the phrase, “Be warm, comfy and sexy all at the same time.” And, you know, it’s a nice concept, I guess. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be further from reality. First of all, this top is so flimsy that it’s vaguely skin-toned, even though it’s supposed to be black. Secondly, the model doesn’t look very comfortable—maybe it has something to do with my third point. Thirdly, at what point in the history of the universe has an armpit hole ever qualified as "sexy"?

I mean, I doubt that’s what the designers had in mind when they carved out part of the top in an effort to transform it from blah to sexy. And, um, kudos on being imaginative, I guess? But there they are. Her armpits, her underarm-area, her… there really isn’t a way to make that sound attractive.

The description of the top also claims that this is “just what you’ll need for a night out.” I wonder, do they mean that you’ve been provided with built-in vents so you won’t have to worry about sweat-stains when you hit the dance club?

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