Sexy bras! (Not.)

Sexybras How to turn a bra into a crime of fashion, in three easy steps:

1. Take an ordinary, inoffensive bra. Don’t worry, it won’t be staying like that for long!

2. Add some straps – no, not at the back, silly! No one will see them there! No, thread them up over your chest, criss-crossing them a few times to get the desired bondage-style effect. Now if you wear anything other than a turtle neck over the top, the straps will show, and you will look "sexy". You see?

3. Slick on some blue eyeshadow, to match the straps. Ah, go on, you know you want to!

Or, alternatively, just buy this very bra for £39.20 from Figleaves, who say the straps will make the bra "really stand out". Oh we know, Figleaves, we know…

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