The rest of her outfit reminds me of Cher from …

Comment on Sex and the City movie provides second sighting of weird, marshmallow wraps that are taking over the world… by Danielle.

The rest of her outfit reminds me of Cher from “Clueless”. The wraps leave me clueless as well.

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Wear or Die: Thong jeans or animal print?
I’d rock that animal print with the ferocity of a gay man at Pride Parade.

Style on Trial: Denim Jackets
No. Never.

Celebrity Fashion: Kelly Osbourne in florals at The South Bank Show
That cut is amazing!!!

Style on Trial: Religion’s Drape Front Trousers
Why does anyone want to make the widest part of them.. look wider?

Is it a dress? Is it a jacket? No, it’s a Crime of Fashion…
That man/woman picture is creepy..
The least that this designer could have done is make it look less of a straight half and half and perhaps merged the jacket in more subtly with the dress. Maybe it would have worked better as a shirt.

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