Sew your own Fendi Baguette – the Mezzo Punto

Remember the Fendi Baguette you could paint yourself? Well, this year they’ve gone one better with a bag you can SEW yourself. The Mezzo Punto is a canvas bag which comes complete with needles, threads and patterns (or you can create your own design, if you prefer) to allow you to decorate it yourself. All you have to bring to the party is yourself, plus the skill to actually make something you’d be willing to carry around.

The Mezzo Punto will be available from this month as a limited edition. No word yet on price, but given that it’s essentially a canvas bag, we’d like to think it’ll at least be less than a normal Fendi creation.

What do you think, readers? Would you buy something like this, or do you prefer your designer bags to come ready made?


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