I hate these beyond hate. So not cute. …

Comment on Fashion Trends: seven-eighths trousers, a.k.a. “ankle length” by Naomi.

I hate these beyond hate. So not cute.

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Wanted: Jessica Biel’s shoes from the MTV Movie Awards
I…I must have these! They come from a place made of win!

How frustrating not to know the designer!

Reader Nominated Dress of the Day: Jojo and Malou for ASOS Melting Clock Print dress
I love it! I love the style you’ve put it in, I _need_ this dress now…
Damn you.

Best of The Fashion Police: The Bulga handbag that made our flesh crawl…
Oh deity, it looks like chins…

‘Boho’ harem pants: save us!
Why? It just goes to show that you should never feel safe enough to say that a fad is over.

Wear or Die: Denim dresses
B, but you are making death tempting.

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