As a short girl, these have arrived just in time, …

Comment on Fashion Trends: seven-eighths trousers, a.k.a. “ankle length” by Anusha.

As a short girl, these have arrived just in time, lol! I’ve been making do with one pair of black trousers for years because they were the only ones I didn’t need to hem. I’m hoping the return of a style like this will mean I can find another pair!
LOVE this blog, by the way! I added it to the links-list on mine (Udarata Kella) … if you don’t mind? :o)

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Dress of the Day: Red gingham one-shouldered dress from Dorothy Perkins
This is hands down the cutest, prettiest, most all-around adorable dress I’ve seen in a long time.

A letter from the editor…
I’m so sorry about the hate-monger trolls. Early on in my blog I opted for comments moderation because I thought something similar could happen (and wouldn’t you know it, right after that it did!) with the comments posted.
You have to wonder about people who get *that* worked up over something posted on a blog, no matter what it might be … what’s even scarier is the fact that these same people are out there, walking around. Gah!

Drop-crotch carrot pants by Cheap Monday: the horror!
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to erase the hideous image of these pants from my brain.
Maybe they’re trying to present an innovative way to carry around a bumbag … on the INSIDE of your pants!

Style on Trial: Leopard print top by Sara Berman
Oh I LOVE this top! It’s very Dita Von Teese! If you’re going to do animal prints of any kind this is the way to go.

Style on Trial: Yves St Laurent’s patchwork long boots
I agree with others: love them, but not the weirdo heels. If they kept the studs but had a regular heel, or even a flat heel, they’d be really beautiful.
I love the boho style, but isn’t it pretty much always around in some form or another? Kind of like Goth! Only sometimes it goes mainstream in a big way.

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