Serious Spikes: Barbara Gongini’s spiked pumps

Spiked shoes have been big lately. Not quite as big as these ones, mind you. In fact, we think these may be some of the biggest spikes we’ve ever seen on an item of clothing, and if they weren’t made of rubber, they’d probably qualify as lethal weapons.

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If we were fashionistas, we’d probably describe these as fierce. We’re not, though, so we’ll just settle for describing them as “wow” and “ouch”!

Of course, there’s a good chance that other people may not realise the spikes are made of rubber, in which case these could make an excellent choice for the misanthropes amongst us. Not a “people person”? No problem: no one’s going to dare to bother you in these bad boys…

“Don’t mess with me!”

Naturally you’d wear them with a blazer, leggings and pants, and a scowl. Naturally.

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